Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Help protect yourself, so your identity remains only yours!

Scammers are looking for ways to gather your personal information and replicate it to apply for loans, make purchases using your account and much more. Here are some helpful tips to protect yourself from thieves.

1. Never divulge personal information over the phone or through text message, email or the internet.

Keep in mind that it is possible to intercept messages sent through text without encryption.  If you need to share personal information, for example with a family member, avoid sending key words like passwords, accounts, pins, logins, etc. in the message.

Always avoid sending both your credit card or account number and pin or password in the same message.  If you must, ideally send the two pieces of information separately through separate means. Example email and text message    

2. When accessing personal banking, avoid using public computers or Wi-Fi hotspots, such as coffee shops, as they put you at risk.

3. Use password protectors on your devices and ensure you use strong and unique passwords for your online banking accounts.

4. When making purchases online ensure you are using a secure and reputable payment service. Look for the closed padlock symbol at the top in the URL browser.

5. Avoid giving anyone personal information through social media accounts as they can use that, along with your photo, to commit fraud.

6. Always protect your PIN when using your debit or credit card.

7. Shred and destroy all documents with personal information before disposal.  

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