Tips to Prevent Debit/Credit Card Fraud

Protect yourself from debit and credit card fraud by protecting your personal information and PIN.

1. Keep your PIN private and never write it down. Choose a PIN that would be difficult for someone to guess. Avoid using birthdays, addresses, telephone numbers or other significant dates.

2. Avoid swiping your cards as much as possible to reduce the possibility of card skimming. Using your chip insert is a much more secure way to make transactions. If you have tap enabled, ensure you know what your tap limit per transaction is (typically  $50 -$100).

3. Reduce your daily spending limit. Keeping your daily spend or withdraw limit lower on your accounts will decrease the amount of money someone can steal.

4. Regularly review your transaction statements. Monitoring your transactions will ensure you can catch and report  fraudulent behaviour on your cards as soon as possible.

If your card is lost of stolen write down what has happened and contact Copperfin to advise us of fraudulent behaviour. Keep all documents that could be helpful to the investigation, such as transaction statements.

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